BBC Documentary: How to learn about Speed and how goes modern design of speedy boats ?

There was a very interesting documentary on BBC about scientific methods for designing speedy boats.

The Science of Speed…

Out there exist institutions like the centre for excellence, engineering & technology in Switzerland, the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) with it’s Rolex Learning Centre and one of the largest collection of scientific researches.

EPFL (Fotos: Frank Kaltenbach) - Source: Architektur | Themen | Heft 5/2010 )

EPFL (Fotos: Frank Kaltenbach) – Source: Architektur | Themen | Edition: 5/2010 )

EPFL has worked closely with the Alinghi Team for winning two America’s Cup competitions and developing the Alinghi Catamaran.

In the EPFL different branches of sciences, e.g. aerodynamics, hydrodynamics and elastodynamics are analyzed by a super computer system with the capacity of 22 trillion calculations per second.

100 foot SpeedDream prototyping

100 foot SpeedDream prototyping

An example for the scientific work EPFL is covering the video takes a short look at the project of Vlad Murnikow, known for Russia’s first Whitbread entry in 1989. – SpeedDream has a delta shape hull form with a wave piercing bow (for less pitching) and an extreme canting keel, being designed as a 100 foot monohull for reduced drag and resistance to cover up to 1,000 nautical miles in 24 hours sailing at a speed of 50 knots.

In 2011 by press release was announced to build a 35-foot prototype of the planned 100-foot monohull. The smaller boat allows Murnikov and the Speed Dream team to test some of their design ideas.

BBC Documentary…

Press Release…

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