Welcome in the World of Trimarans and Tri Enthusiasts !

Dear visitor, dear sailing friend !

… tks for coming by and your interests in the world of multihulls and uniquely Trimarans.

On my own I have stared sailing in the 70th on Faak lake in Austria, quickly moving on to coastal sailing in the Mediterranean Sea. During the 90th I worked professionally as skipper for sail charter businesses (charter agencies, delivery services, private owners) and  sail training (e.g. for sailing schools, individual skipper training for private owners), being involved in different round the world sailing regattas and initiated a sailing therapy project for people with psyche diseases (in 2003/2004).WTE-Logo-Scribble-2-black-white

In spring 2015  I decided to focus on trimarans by different reasons with the background having sailed a 15 metre cruising aluminium catamaran (single built) during different seasons for a charter company (weekend / coastal trips, day sailing and incentives) with the speed of +20 knots in the Baltic Sea.

This blog  shall document my own journey through the fascinating world of trimarans, digging deeper and deeper into different segments, from multihull history, naval architecture, design, composite materials, foiling to self building and new trends in Trimaran sailing. I am driven by a very conservative attitude you might call “traditional seamanship” coming from a traditional sail education I experienced during the 70th till 90th (latest at the seafarer nautical school of Hanseatic City Hamburg, North Germany).

I like to invite you for sharing your own experiences (as mono- or multihull sailor) and our passion of fast and safe multihulls in a global community of trimaran enthusiasts. Feel free to comment on the different blog postings you can find here.

Happy & Safe Sailing !
Skip JayR

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