Trimaran REDANDWHITE (16 metre)…. Hippies on high seas.

There still exist some hippies as we know them from the 70ths of peace making flower & power movement nowadays on high seas… and who like to explore the world on a multihull.

18809888It seems a hippie community around a German guy with the synonym Klaus Störtebeker (!! what a name !!) which is settled and living in Portugal (on South coast) near Faro… and offering “charter sailing adventures” on a bigger 16 metre Trimaran (Source of pics: Störtebekers @ Panoramio).

The Tri REDANDWHITE has very beautiful lines we know from racing trimarans of the early 80th. Seems like these folks take the word “adventure” as a real challenge… the official website (see upper screenshot) is down.

11329905_10206509724490187_1770723595793607951_nLets take a North Atlantic ride
with 16 knots speed on Tri R&W



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