What happened with the company “Performance multihulls” in Bristol (USA) ?

I am just curious to ask: “What happened with the US company (Bristol), called “Performance multihulls” ?” Pm was founded of professional boat builders, naval architects, business and marketing professionals in 2011… with an interesting project in 2010.

Remembering summer 2010 was launched the custom built “Three little birds“, a uniquely looking 11 metre Trimaran designed as a high performance sports cruiser (light displacement: 2,730 kg)… and the first built PT-11

Three Little Birds is the first PT 11. The design started out as a conceptual project between WD and Aquidneck Custom Composites to create a new line of Performance Multihulls. Kevin Baxley, the owner of Three Little Birds, became aware of the idea and expressed interest in the design as a replacement for his existing production trimaran. Kevin was initially considering a larger catamaran but realized that a smaller, more easily sailed boat suited his current requirements. He also liked the higher performance of the trimaran platform. Kevin wanted a boat that sailed well, was easily handled by a small crew, with a comfortable interior. Three Little Birds fulfills all of these requirements. She has a full cruising interior, including a refrigerator and separate freezer, pressure hot and cold shower in an enclosed head, functional galley, dedicated chart table/navigation station, roomy double bunk forward with a single bunk in the saloon and a quarter berth to starboard. She sports an inboard diesel with sail drive. While at first this seems to go against the performance aspects, the inboard diesel has several points in its favour. The range is greatly increased over a gasoline outboard. Safety is enhanced with the diesel fuel versus gasoline. The weight of the engine and transmission is situated much closer to the centre of the boat rather than an outboard on the stern, which exacerbates pitching motions in a seaway…. (Source: Walworth Designs Inc.)

Photos - © Clint Clemens

Photos – © Clint Clemens

On their Facebook page “Pm” announced something new in May 2015… but as it looks they are still waiting for somebody who puts the money on the counter desk for building another PT-11 just having two sketches… wouldn’t it be interesting to see something new ?? -Greetings & Happy Sailing / Skip JayR

(Source of pics: Performance multihulls)

Three Little Birds under sails…


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