Dynamique Voile Homkia Team: Three Sailing Angels are flying the Diam 24 Trimaran

… with courtesy to The Trimaran Journal


The Trimaran Diam24 for a 3-4 crew is a One Design boat class (boat weight: 450kg, main sail: 22 m2, genoa: 10 m2, spi: 32 m2, hull length: 7.25 m, hull beam: 5.62 m, max. crew: 260 kg, architect: VPLP)…

… and since 2-3 years the Diam24 is becoming very popular in France. Actually the Racing Tri has been selected for the 38th edition of the Tour de France Voile 2015 (3rd-26th July), one of the most important sailing regatta events in France.


We see Cassandre Blandin on helm, with Pamela Fertil and Camille Le Gall flying the DIAM24. The girls are member of the Dynamique Voile Homkia Team which is participating in the TFV 2015. – Tks to the photographer Christophe Favreau for the great shots.

The route of the TFV 2015…

25f94 (1)


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