It’s a 70 foot Trimaran (MOD70)… British Team Concise receives “Concise 10”

Team Concise was launched in August 2006, aimed at giving young British sailors a future in competitive offshore racing… and got now a newly branded Trimaran of MOD70 class. Congrats !


Former Virbac-Paprec (skipper Jean-Pierre Dick) becomes Concise 10 (British Team Concise)

The British project “Team Concise” is remarkable… after nine years the team received on Thursday, 9th July 2015 another boat, simply called “Concise 10“. She is known as former Virbac-Paprec with skipper Jean-Pierre Dick on the helm, a 70 foot trimaran which capsized in 2014…

Concise 10 belongs to the MOD70 one design class. Light weighted three hulls guarantee speed, lots of sailing fun and same the beasty agility can frighten in almost equal measures. MOD70s are well known not to be easy in handling. At sea in any decent sort of a breeze she can be every sailor’s dream, docking her however quickly can become a nightmare even for well experienced sailors…

Three (3) Mod70 were for sales in 2014 of total seven (7) which had been built during March 2011 till April 2012. Because of the risks of capsizing and huge expenses (anual running costs) the concept of a strong and steadily growing 70 ft one-design class didn’t work well. Only some few are still very active and present in medias, e.g. (f.l.t.r.): Race for Water, Phaedo3 and Musandam-Oman… beside Spindrift Racing and Groupe Edmond de Rothschild. (Rec.: Foncia ended its sponsorship in 2013 for Michel Desjoyeaux’s MOD70 as the company was sold to Banque Populaire.)

Race-for-Water-MOD70-in-NY  AY7Q6554-1024x683 140811_SSRBI_Start_028-1024x570

… Concise 10’s rotating mast makes her want to sail, even when you are trying to tie her up. Therefore the team has to develop new procedures, rapidly so we can read on the official website. Before the crew arrives or leaves any dock now, two ribs will be positioned to spin her round or hold her off. A logistical nightmare when Team Concise is constantly on the move from place, country to country ?


Concise 10 with total branded new design…

Another aspect is the investment of such a racing mashine. Is it worth it? The proof came quickly. Just hours’ after Team Concise completed the purchase, the crew had the first race under own “banner” on Friday, 10th July 2015. Concise 10 joined over 130 other yachts’ in the Royal Ocean Racing Club’s, Cowes Dinard Race.

Skipper Ned Collier Wakefield with Navigator Wouter Webraak at his side crossed the start line on time and reached out of the Solent in a 15 knot breeze and headed for France.

The whole team was lucky! Following the boat via satellite tracker everybody could see that conditions were kind to Concise 10’s first outing so described enthusiastic by Tony Lawson, one of the crew members.

This was important as all crew members Andy Meiklejohn, Jonny Malbon, Martin Watts, Jackson Boutell (and Tom Dawson) are at the beginning of a big learning curve with the boat. Nevertheless, there was enough wind helping the crew to hit safely speeds of up to 28knts which is well within the comfort zone of the crew.

Saturday morning, 11th July at 6am the crew and it’s new boat were back, just about to dock at the new base at Hamble Point Marina. The “push me, pull me boats” were on their way to help him come along side. But Ned Collier Wakefield couldn’t wait to confirm that the team had taken line honours and won the multi hull division as well as breaking the outright course record. Team Concise with the three legs of Concise 10 had won three trophies. – The number 3 might become their personal lucky number ?!


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