A Trimaran of Spanish flair… with plenty space for living under deck.

Rocinante. Detail of the Cervantes monument in Madrid (L. Coullaut, 1930)The name of this uniquely multihull remembers me the old novel Don Quixote which was written by Spanish Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra and published in two volumes (in 1605 and 1615). Rocinante was Don Quixote’s horse. Below we see some snaps documenting the beautiful TRI ROSINANTE.

Its an impressive Trimaran of 63 feet length, 45 feet width and a 1,200 square foot mainsail (= 111.484 m2)… with unexpected huge space in the amas. For living steadily on board for cruising the boat was built in 1998-2000 (in carbon fibre & epoxy).

11416159_10206647326770158_6204116062877422085_nBeside the French yellow Trimaran of similar size, the Exception 52 design (see photo collage) I like a lot this concept by the two American naval architects Kurt Hudges & Robert Perry.


Trimaran Exception 52…

Rosinante just was sold for a “low prize” of 620 Thousand Euros (new built estimated 1.7-1.8 Million Euros) in Lahaina, Hawaii. – What a beautyness of flowing curves, isnt ? 🙂

( Source of pics: :  www.multihullcompany.com )

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