WTE now on Facebook… visit the new FB page for Trimaran Enthusiasts (+ share).

You can find WTE – World of Trimaran Enthusiasts now on Facebook, too (beside Twitter).

WTE’s new FB page @

 WTE-Logo-Scribble-square-2-black-and-whiteSince today WTE has it’s own Facebook page. More easily we can share now all the interesting content with the global community of sailing… and with people who have passion for multihulls and trimarans.

Social Medias became very relevant for sailors over last 20 years to share their passion with other boaters… buying and selling boats, booking bare boat charter, following exiting regattas (via live trackers), using apps for navigation and weather routing, getting support for boat building or just sharing pics and vids of their uniquely sailing experiences etc. etc. etc. …

Jamie K. with his daughter and dog on a Windrider Trimaran (Source: 07/16/2008 - Flickr - http://bit.ly/1SMxryy )

Jamie K. with his daughter, dog and Windrider Trimaran (Source: 07/16/2008 – Flickr – http://bit.ly/1SMxryy )

E.g. at the age of 13 – 65 plus (gender: female + male) there are many out there who are interested in what we love so much (status: 07/29/2015 – Source: FB Ads Manager):

  • Sailing… 21.09141 million
  • Yacht… 15.2266 million
  • Cruising (maritime)… 7.53828 million
  • America’s Cup… 7.51139 million
  • Sailor… 6.57526
  • Sailing (sport)… 5.71256 million
  • Sail… 4.7489 million
  • Yachting… 4.2454 million
  • Sailboat… 3.09289 million
  • Volvo Ocean Race… 2.230 million
  • Catamaran… 1.96631 million
  • Regatta… 1.77028 million
  • Yacht Charter… 773.09 thousand
  • Trimaran… 258.40 thousand
  • Route de Rhum… 170.62 thousand
  • Multihull… 51.00 thousand

Plenty of people around the globe, isnt ? 🙂 Enjoy it to share… Happy & Safe Sailing ! 🙂 Greetings, Skip JayR

P.S.: The latest tweets you get there too as feed.


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