90 Foot Trimaran (65 tons)… for cruising, partying, wedding ceremonies… and kidds adventure around Singapore.

Having seen the pics first time I thought “making the impossible possible“. Trimaran LongRanger is a multi functional platform, for cruising, beaching, partying, restaurant (dinner + dance), corporate events, wedding ceremonies, as film boat (movies), for photo shootings, golf trips and sail education (details see official website).


The concept of Captain Warren Blake who lives since the midth of 90th in the South East Asian region:

(1) take a 90 foot trimaran (built 2009 in New Zealand) and
(2) start a business in Singapore

…with cruising tours to Mapur Island, Pulau Aur, The Leeward Isles (booking here):

  • Mapur Island: The closest paradise to Singapore – sail 7 hours across the azure sea after Indonesian formalities at Nongsa Point. Mapur Island
  • Pulau Aur – 3 day trip: this can be done in two and a half days with a bit of a rush. This is truly a beautiful place with lots to do.
  • The Leeward Isles 5 – 7 day trip: This magical little archipelago, completely uninhabited, is truly the captain’s favourite island group in all the tropic seas…and he has seen hundreds!

The specifications of this boat are impressive:  90 feet long, 35 feet beam, displacement 65 tonnes, average speed: 10 knots, capacities for day sailing: 37 people, harbour: 55 people and over night: 18 people in air conditioned comfort under deck with 6 bathrooms and 4 cabins. (Source of pics: WLY – White Label Yachtcharters (Singapore))

… not to forget: kajaking, paddling and pirates adventure for kidds. 🙂

Trimaran LongRanger on the Film set…


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