Trimaran Barracuda (Denmark): “NatureTech” in boat building…

In boat building of 21st century it’s possible to realize “Nature Tech” so I like to call it.

The Danish Trimaran Barracuda was designed by Jan Skov Anderson who is an interesting boat builder of younger generation with his Danish company Vision Boats, settled in Vester Skerninge (westerly of Svendborg, Baltic Sea).  Jan’s vision is to build eco-friendly boats.

Let’s have a short look at Jan’s light weighted Trimaran Barracuda which is foldable for easily trailing and parking in small boxes of marinas. It was built in 2004 (and shortly sold to an owner in Sweden). Barracuda was voted the most beautiful boat at IMM 2007 in Frederikstad, Norway.

Trimaran Barracuda on coast of Croatia

cruising-racing Trimaran Barracuda on coast of Croatia…

Barracuda is made of wood-composite (West-Epoxy with some Kevlar in the bottom section to strengthen the hulls for landing on rocky beaches).

Shortly I talked with the boat builder Jan and the reasons why he built this 32 foot Trimaran with wood-composite are simple: (1) 100% built Carbon boats are huge expensive and (2) carbon is environment damaging as it cannot be recycled. (3) The benefit of an all-carbon built tri is only a very low weight reduction of 100 kg ~ 7% (4) which can easily be compensated by a modern rig (rotating wing mast), powerful sails and some other trimming tools (e.g. individual adjustable foils + profiled T-rudder).


total length: 9.85 m
length of main hull: 9.20 m
folded length: 11.50 m
beam: 7.40 m
folded width: 3.60 m
total draft: 2.00 m
draft (uplifted daggerboard/rudder): 0.45 m
mast (length over all): 15.50 m
minimum weight /
maximum weight:
1,400 kg (ready to sail) /
1,800 kg
main sail: 40 m²
jib: 18 m²
gennaker: 85 m²

Barracuda is a family crusing-racing Trimaran with 5 berth (in main hull) and standing height of 1.85 m under deck… and a maximum weight of 1,800 kg. It gives it’s owner and crew members many options for a joyfully sailing life on board.

Barracuda has won many regattas and made the life of pure carbon tris very hard to compete 🙂

  • Fyncup: race winner in 2005, 2007, 2010 and 2013. – 3rd fastest time in 2009 out of 393 boats (hereof 28 multihulls)
  • Sølvroret: winner in 2012 (holding the single hand record around Fyn)
  • Øhavetrundt: winner in 2006, 2011 and 2012
  • Brandsø Rundt: fastest time in 2005

See bottom the video which documents a test competition with Carbon3, an all-carbon  Tri designed by legendary multihull designer Nigel Irens, built in 2010 by Tuco Marine Group for the Danish owner and sail racing professional Jesper Bank (America’s Cup + Olympic Sailor).

Some more detailed infos about the wood composite Tri on Jan’s website of Vision Boats (Denmark). There you find some other interesting projects (e.g. the foldable 33 foot trimaran Black Marlin (designed in 2012) which is also available as self building plans).

 32 ft. Wood-Epoxy Tri Barracuda keeps control over 40 ft. Carbon3

Jesper Banks, one of the top sailors from Denmark on the
helm of Trimaran Carbon3 had no chance to come away from Barracuda. 🙂


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