Why we don’t see in Europe the beautiful Kurt Hughes Trimaran Design ?

My visitors of WTE (World of Trimaran Enthusiasts) and sailing friends who know me get to see very often the beautyness of Hughes Designs (see Family Day Sailor CHS X19). Indeed I love the attractiveness of Kurt’s draws and his elegant, sportive and flowing lines.

Kurt’s bigger Trimarans are “roomers” which give lots of space to live on and under deck (more pics see: “A Trimaran of Spanish Flair…“).

I wonder why we don’t get seen in Europe more often a Kurt Hughes Design (Seattle, USA) for cruising or racing tris ? – Most sailors in Europe never have heard of this name. And only some few have been seen, e.g. Muffolo. It is a smaller, self-made 24 foot trimaran (composite) launched in 1998 in Italy and designed by Kurt Hughes. Tri Muffolo is available for day charter.

Trimaran Caimen is sailing in U.K. (see following video). Its a “tube and wire” KHSD 26. And designed as 26 foot cruising trailerable trimaran. The whole setup of this trimaran can be done within on hour by a single person. It has a true double berth on port side.

The construction can be built rapidly as CM plywood/epoxy. The first draft was hand drawn by Kurt, the actual construction plans have been updated. Kurt’s first 3D model was the 26 migrating into 3D CADD.

26 foot Trimaran Caiman…

Kurt Hughes 27' x 27' racing trimaran

Kurt Hughes 27′ x 27′ racing tri with curved lifting foils.

In my understanding Kurt is a progressive designer. – And on same level as Trimarans designed by legendary Dick Newick (1926-2013) so it looks for me.

I appreciate it, that Kurt Hughes has many different activities as “naval architect”. He designed a 65′ Passenger Ferry Catamaran for Lake Victoria as well as 140′ Freighters or 235′ Sailing Catamaran Cargo ships and 26′ Electric boats (single hull). – You can read more about Kurt on his own Multihull Blog.

Such kind of designers by sure have a broader range of perspectives to bring valuable inputs into uniquely projects for new Trimaran concepts (generally) and single built boats (specifically)… for the benefit of owners and crews living on board of such speedy beauties.

Personally I’d always prefer a naval architect and designer who can work independently from a yacht warft. Formalistically analysis and proofs of new designs can be done by computer simulations in collaboration with science institutes and university departments for optimizing ship hydromechanics and sails dynamics to guarantee high performance.

Here Kurt’s draft of a 75 feet trimaran in 2013…when will we see such a big Trimaran built in Europe ?

( Source of pictures: https://www.facebook.com/kurt.hughes.54/photos_stream )

Kurt had designed and built a Formula 40 Trimaran called Gecko. It’s a beautiful boat which gets a complete refit since 2014 in Netherlands by its new owners Pamela Van der Vleuten and Haiko Dragtra, who is the owner of Komplot Mechanics Rotterdam  which is specialized in 3D milling mashines, e.g. for complexe shapes of Formula3 Racing cars, boat hulls and lead keels (Rec.: Kurts own sailing video on the tiller of Gecko in light winds here).

2 responses to “Why we don’t see in Europe the beautiful Kurt Hughes Trimaran Design ?

  1. There s a beautifull kurt hughes 38′ in Nieuwpoort,Belgium
    I can mail you pictures,if you send me your email

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