50-50 catamaran… a uniquely sail racing project from Hungary…

Fifty-Fifty… its a very rare sailing project (from Hungary) driven by individuality, non-conformity, passion, team and fighting spirit (take a look at the “total damage” of the old 5050 catamaran in the last four pics with the baby blue hulls). The Hungarian crew of Wild Joe Sailing Team around Skipper Józsa Márton has acquired this boat from the designer Dénes Paulovits. The name of the team comes from a 60 foot racing yacht which was built in 2002 by the Australian Azzura Marine boat factory, a design by Reichel/Pugh.

Wild Joe Sailing Team on 60 foot racer Wild Joe

Wild Joe Sailing Team on 60 foot racer Wild Joe

But lets come back to the multihull fifty-fifty. 50-50 stands for the Twin Mast rig this uniquely full carbon racing catamaran is equipped. The revolutionary 50 feet long masts enabled the cat and it’s team to win the Blue Ribbon 2012 of Lake Balaton. They broke the record of longest and oldest around lake regatta held since 1955. The boat is 3 times faster than the wind.

The Idea…

Finn sailor Dénes Paulovits is the boat builder and designer who drafted the lines first in 2012 as P50 project with Pauger Carbon Composites, a company which was founded by Dénes in 1990. The Pauger team has developed innovative solutions and built a production facility with a special oven for composite masts (carbon) up to 30 meters length.

More infos on the official websites: http://www.fiftyfifty.hu and http://www.wildjoesailing.com

(Source of pics: https://www.facebook.com/FiftyFiftySailing )

On first view 50-50’s twin rig remembered me the philosophy of Pete Goss‘ legendary 120 foot Maxi Catamaran Team Philips (built in 1999/2000)… with a free standing rig and two 130 feet masts.

We never have seen this gigantic monster racing because of some structural failures and heavy hull damages Pete had to abandon it with his crew during a freaky storm in the mid-Atlantic in December 2000. A 40 foot part (weight 6 tons) was washed up on the coast of Ireland which was sold for 510 British pounds via eBay auction in 2011 with more than 4,000 names on it of organisations, schools, companies and individuals, who paid to sponsor the boat’s construction.

rare footage: Team Philips maxi catamaran in London…

This boat is history and hopefully the 50-50 catamaran and it’s fellows from Hungary will experience some better times.

Small trailer with 5050 catamaran in action…

wonderful shootage with drone (by Airmovie) on lake Balaton (Hungary)


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