A stretched ORMA 60 (pro-longed to 73 feet) with a glimpse of AC history…

We have seen many different Trimaran classes over the last three decades, steadily climbing up the plus 10, e.g. Formula 40, Multi 50, ORMA 60 (Ocean Racing Multihull Association) and MOD70 (Multi One Design). Following boat we cannot count as the representative of one of these classes, as it is a stretched ORMA 60 pro-longed to 73 feet (floats/outriggers: 72 ft.) with a beam (width) of 60 ft.

Builder was CDK Technologies in France (Port-la-Forêt) and designer is the world of racing Trimarans dominating VPLP in Paris/Vannes (France).

The boat has a uniquely and exiting history behind. It even has a touch of America’s Cup flair. It was updated by Artemis Racing Team (founded in 2006) for testing of America’s Cup wing and dagger foils (see AC72 for the 34th Cup in 2013).

 We know her originally as “Tritium“, built in 2000.  A uniquely boat indeed ! I love the stretched form… impressive beauty.

Lately Tritium (with Lending Club on board) was successfully during the Transpac 2013. Compared with the radical and aggressively ORMA (the original sized 60 feet) this stretched boat is going very smoothly.. but still fast: made 1st place in this regatta of ~2,225 nm distance (Los Angeles – Honolulu). See videos bottom.

Some snaps seeing the original Tritium Tri in its elements…

1st place: Tritium (with Lending Club on board) during the Transpac 2013.

Take a look inside…

Nice ride down to Hawaii….


The boat is for sales… if you have a budget of roughly 600,000 US$ it might be your’s soon. Download the Expose Trimaran Tritium (72 Feet). – Good luck !

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