Trimaran History: The start of the FORMULA 40 class in 1986…

Formula 40 – A new class (Yachting, March 1986 – Vol 158 / No 3)

A historical review from today’s perspective in 21st century about the the origin of the new “Formula 40 box rule” which started as a new era of multihull design and catamaran/trimaran  racing in the 80th of last century.

An example of specification within the F40 box rule by designer Kurt Hughes (built as Trimaran Gecko):Logoblancrouge-gris

Length overall: 39′-11″ (12.16 m)
Length at waterline
: 39′-9″ (12.16 m)
: 39′-4″ 12.0 m
: 1′-3″/8′-10″ (0.38/2.7 m)
Weight: 3,950 lb (1,791.7 kg)
Sails – Main
: 787 sqft. (73.1 sqm.)
Blade: 323 sqft. (30.0 sqm.)
: 925 sqft. (85.9 sqm.)
: 4,466 lb (2,025.74 kg)

Still some few boats of this era on the water…

The article “Formula 40 – A new Class” about the beginning of this new multihull racing class was written by Guy Gurney in the section “The Racing Yachtsman” of the boat magazine “YACHTING“, being published in 03/1986 as Volume 158 – No. 3.

(Rec.: Gurney’s article can be found in different editions during the years 1980, 1981, 1983-1985, 1987 till 2000.)

Yachting has been America’s most respected marine brand since 1907. It was founded by Oswald Garrison Villard, publisher of the New York Evening Post and The Nation. During 1985 till 1987 it was owned by CBS Magazines as publisher. (Source: Wikipedia – )

The Yachting magazine nowadays (since 2007) is owned by Bonnier Corporation Company…

About the “FUTURE of Formula 40 Trimarans” later as WTE is still in midth of some deeper researches…

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