futuristic design from Serbia: 100’ racing trimaran for charter

WTE became curios to ask: Is Airbender 100 sailing anywhere ? – But nothing happened since 02/2013… as our direct request last months in summer 2015 (August) the owners of Salt & Water kept silently, till today. No single reaction.
We have to assume and address the question: Was it just a “marketing gimmick” with nice sounding words ? – Nothing more than shiny paper work and attractively some virtually 3D animations ? They were produced by the designer team Svetlana Mojic, Joao Alexandre Pinto Ferreira and Coşkun Kocagöz. – Let’s take a short review at some interesting ideas they had 2 1/2 years ago.

The headline in 2013: Salt & Water unveiled racing trimaran Airbender 100…

The Design studio Salt & Water originally is based in Serbia and was founded by the owner Svetlana Mojic. From the official Facebook page Salt & Water it looks like Svetlana (as the officially company owner) is more actively in London these days. – S&W had unveiled a 100’ racing trimaran, which was designed for charter. So we read in Superyacht Times in February 2013.


It was announced 2 1/2 years ago that Airbender 100 shall fulfill the racing ambitions and dreams of non-professional sailors. The 3-hull yacht shall get an innovative rig and a special addition on both floats (amas) called adrenaline capsules, which shall enable guests to get the feel the speed of sailing.

The accommodation areas have a couple of very unconventional solutions, taken inspiration from Japanese traditional interior module-tatami. In this way cabins can be modified very easily to suit the needs of users.
The guest areas are organized to be as functional as possible with clean modern lines, but at the same time to be in place where people can rest.

The exterior lines have been drawn by three young yacht designers, Svetlana Mojic herself (owner of Salt & Water ltd.), Joao Alexandre Pinto Ferreira and Coşkun Kocagöz.

Will this project be realized one day ? – Does a wealthy business man or bigger charter company in the segment of luxury yachts have the courage to pick it up and let built it ?

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