Next generation of Windrider 17: RAVE V in the water…

WTE has reported in August that we Trimaran enthusiasts can expect for 2016 a new Double Mast ( so called “Twin rig”) Trimaran with fully foiling: New RAVE 5 Windrider trimaran comes soon… following the old “Rave Hydrofoil Tri” (1998-2003)

Now the prototype of RAVE V (company Windrider) has been tested end of October. Here the first two photos of the test run at 6 knots wind (not yet foiling)…

Hope to get some vids soon. – The short report of first test sailing by designer Larry Knauer himself you can read here: RAVE V – In the Water 10/25/15

Give feedback pls !! – What do you think about this new concept ? Do you like what you see with the prototype ? – What prize you would be willing to pay from 2016 on ?

P.S.: So looked the old boat, the Windrider 17

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