56th Hamburg International Boat Show: 3-Hull boats @ North Europe’s biggest yachting exhebition

HanseBoot poster 2015 with the slogan “Sweet heart, I want a boat from you!”

In 2015 I was curiously about to visit North Europe’s biggest boat show, the Hanse Boot. The 56th edition took place end of October/beginning November in Hanseatic City Hamburg on the river Elbe. On my own I know the Hanse Boot having participated as exhibitor in the 90th.

Beside some pictures from the “inwater boat show” in the City Harbour, in the centre of the 1.8 million city close to Landungsbrücken (“landing bridges”) where the emigrants end of 19th century left Hamburg to start the Trans- Atlantic crossing for a new life in U.S.A. with arrival in New York following a short collection of the very few “multihull highlights”.

I have lurked around during the week on 5th November (Wednesday afternoon) and on 7th November (Saturday afternoon).

Start Boating: Magic instead main stream (advertising banner for the 2016 campaign)

Start Boating: Magic instead main stream (advertising banner for the 2016 campaign)

… and I was very astonished that on both days I haven’t seen big crowds. Compared to the 90th I suppose it might be 55-60% of the volume of visitors I remember. The world recession since 2008, the financial and Euro crisis, a new and young generation of water sports activists have changed this market by downsizing it heavily. The German National Boat and Ship builder Association starts beginning 2016 a nationwide campaign with the slogan “Start Boating: Discover a new world” to attract yachting in a new way having fun, relaxing on board and sail for some excitement. This campaign is a clear signal that European warfts look urgently for new clients. – In seven halls there were three trimaran/multihull companies having presented their boats.


Since years Hobie offers uniquely Kajak Trimarans which created an own scene of fishing boaters using these multi-functional boats. The model “Adventure Island” has a simply rig with roller furling mast, mainsail (without jib) and foldable + detachable amas, kickup rudder/centreboard… and the uniquely MirageDrive with ST Turbo Fins (see vid). One can easily transport the boat on a car roof. It exists as two seater with trailer, too. The boats are sold in Germany by sportmohr sailing team and Karen Wichardt. She is known as one of the best Cat sailors in Europe pacing on regattas together with Detlef Mohr (10 times European Champion on Hobie 16/18, winner of Kieler Woche 2015 etc. …).

Danish boat builder Quorning presented two Dragonfly boats: DF 25 in red and for charter the DF 28 following the slogan “First test, then buy”. sportmohr sailing team is the general importer for the Dragonfly 25 to Germany, too.

Dr. Wener Scholz (Munich) of Corsair Germany (general importer of Corsair Marine for Switzerland, Austria and South Germany) presented the first Corsair Pulse600. (Rec.: Two other boats had been sold in Europe now, two more are being shipped these days to Germany.) The target is to establish a one design class in Europe as we know it from the French Diam24.

The in-water boat show was a very boring place… no visitors, no multihulls !

A fantastic project for handicap sailing ! – I found it very impressive the RS Venture dinghy for disabled persons which sails under the name “White Pearl” and flag of the German NGO “Meer bewegen” (founded in 2015) . The boat is built in U.K. and has enough space on board for a wheel chair.

Beside all the dreams we like to dream in cold North European winter following exhibitor has moved me mostly. It is the German NGO “SeaWatch” which refitted in spring 2015 a fish trawler into a rescue ship. It was skippered down to the Mediterranian Sea on a mission to rescue refugees from drowning which are fleeing in big streams to Europe coming from North Africa (Rec.: Alone in 2015 Germany noticed more than 800,000 refugees coming cross the national borders.) – In the pictures we see an original inflatable rubber boat (which is produced in China) with small outboarder from where refugees had been rescued this summer coming from North African coast. SeaWatch is being financed 100% privately by donations ! All the work on board is done by volunteers. The pictures say it all to see all the clothes of the refugees having “0” safety equipment on board. – Help is urgently needed !

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