Transat Jaques Fabre 2015: Trimaran FenêtréA-Prysmian wins Multi50 Class

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+++ 12th November 2015 +++

Hip, Hip, Hurray !!!! Bravo… well done. Congrats to Erwan LE ROUX and Giancarlo Pedote (co-skipper). Bravooooo

12227581_704410049696268_8651285495230565113_n Erwan now is three times winner of TJV. – After his win of Route du Rhum in 2014, and two times the Transat Jacques Vabre in 2009 and 2013 he crossed on board of Multi50 FenêtréA-Prysmian at 11:59 am the finish line having sailed the distance of ~5400 nm in nearby 17 days. – Great continuouity of high performance.

Two hours later came in IMOCA PRB. Congrats to Vincent Riou and Seb Col !

Remarkable: Since first day Vincent and Seb navigated the racing boat without electronics because of a navigation system failure. They only had the datas of COG (Course over ground) and SOG (Speed over ground) ! – No wind strength, no wind direction. – Sailing by using all senses and natural instincts and being competitive on highest level is still possible ! – Maybe the biggest and most impressive lesson we can learn from TJV2015.

+++ 11th November 2015  +++

In next 8-10 hours we will see the arrival of Multi50 Fenetrea Prysmian as the wind speed reduced heavily going under land. Still 88 nm to race.

For now at 04:00 am CET the leading multi50 is sailing 11 knots and close behind only 15 nm on distance the IMOCA PRB with a speed of 9 knots, both straight West course.

Great finish at early morning Brazil time after sailing far more than 5,400 nautical miles !

+++ 10th Nov 2015 +++

Very pity that Multi50 Arkema had to land on Brazil coast on Monday because of heavily damages of the central hull (from daggerboard up to the bow).

Lalou Roucayrol and Cesar Dohy were 70 miles from Salvador de Bahia this afternoon. The duo have their technical team standing by to make a laminate repair to the cracks in the main hull which were allowing substantial water ingress, requiring them to pump to keep the boat safe. (Source: Decisive Times in Transat Jacques Vabre >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News)

Citiation of skipper Erwan Leroux on leading Multi50 FenêtréA Prysmian:

“Aboard FenêtréA Prysmian we are under gennaker and have one reef in the mainsail, we are on starboard tack and we are sailing along the Brazilian coast. What has happened to Arkema is a shame, I hope they will repair successfully and bring the boat to Itajaí. The important thing is that Lalou can save the boat. Through that first week of the race, we had our share of all miseries with these four different wind regimes. Even the last 500 miles of the race and we’ll see 25 knots with gusts to 35. It’s a long race and very very technical.. It was a stormy depression that hollow, one is obliged to go near the coast, we will cross a front. We have a big problem on the mainsail. We have to sail with one reef and in no time we’ll take a second reef.


+++ 8th November 2025 (2) +++

The Race is yet not over… we still have three classes racing the TJV.

  • IMOCA (monohull) … 1st PRB 946 nm (14 knots) till finish line
  • Multi50 (trimaran) … 1st FenetreA Prysmian 940 nm (13 knots) to go
  • Class 40 (monohull) … 1st Le Conservateur 2307 nm (7 knots) far away from finish line.

I suppose it will take another 2 weeks till we see the last boat crossing the finish line. Its only a short jump over the Atlantic within 2 weeks for the gigantic 110 foot Trimarans sailing their own race.

+++ 8th November 2015 (1) +++

In high professional sports (business) there is the slogan: “The winner takes it all”. Indeed, 2nd place already is nothing worth. So the rules in a media centralized world. Its hard reality. But we may not forget who came in on Saturday morning local time front Brazil coast.


While Macif has arrived at early dawn 04:00 am local time (probably the worstest situation for any sponsor as no good images can be delivered to press around the globe) SODEBO came in couple of hours later approaching very slowly the finish line under fuly sails with lots of tagging at very low winds (see the video) and flat water.


Here the video on FB:

… and on YT:

Congrats to Thomas and Jean-Luc !! – In my understanding they sailed tactically the better race compared with their direct opponent Macif looking back to the Canary Islands where Sodebo still had the lead.

The lesson we learn from this high-tech world of top class sail racing: Having the elder boat with 2 tons more weight and lacking of modern trimming units, e.g. foil system can destroy any chances for winning such a competition.


We look back and remember that Thomas sailed his first Maxi Trimaran Sodebo (launched in June 2007) and in 2008-2009 successfully sailed around the globe in 59 days, 20 hrs. and 47’43”. – In May 2014 Thomas got his new Maxi Trimaran of 31 meter length we now have seen during the TJV2015. Its hard to recognize, that it is already an “old boat”. I have my doubts that it will be competitive seeing the new Maxi Trimaran coming in 2017 being built by Gitana Sailing Team. – Racing boats have a very short life in times of Carbon light displacement and computer aided design !

+++ 7th November 2015 (2) +++

Maxi Trimaran Macif will make it next 2 hours to finish TJV2015. Now on direct course… till ~31 nm to go at 21 kn speed. Sodebo is 113-114 nm behind.

Seems to become a finish after 12 days 17 hours sailing around midnight “local time” on Brazil coast. Mostly the “night images” with Bengal fires arent very cool… not seeing a lot from the boat.

Transat Jacques Vabre 2015 : Le Havre – Itajai. Suivi Cartographique


Less than one hour to sail for Macif…. ETA: 05:48 am UTC to finish TJV2015 -LiveTracker:

11214229_980438595354100_6968180961323415756_nMaxi Trimaran Macif wins TJV2015: Congrats to François Gabart & Pascal Bidégorry

At dawn around 04:00 am local time (06:04 am UTC) on Saturday morning front Brazil coast / Itajai the Maxi Trimaran MACIF with skippers François Gabart & Pascal Bidégorry crossed the finish line after the start on French coast (Le Havre) 12 days 17hours and 29’27” minutes ago…. First snaps of the arrival just coming in. – Congrats !

2nd place behind is Trimaran Sodebo still 80 nm front coast. Thomas et Jean-Luc will arrive in next 3-4 hours. See live tracker: Transat Jacques Vabre 2015 : Le Havre – Itajai. Suivi Cartographique


+++ 7th November 2015 (1) +++

…. that might become a tough battle between IMOCA and Multi50… now Multi50 Fenetrian Prismyian is front leading IMOCA PRB with 5.4 nm closer to target. Cool. But PRB has a higher speed (16 kn) compared to Fenetrian Prismyian (14.7 kn).

Still more than 1,210 nm to go…. some unexpected surprises can come along.

+++ 6th November 2015 (3) +++

The rescue of Maxi Tri Prince de Bretagne… Good to know she/he is back… meanwhile safely arrived in the harbour Lorient (France) 🙂 the “rescue” of such a capsized 3-hull monster which looks more like a stranded wale isnt fun. (The capsizing happened on 27th Oct 2015). – Its tough work… and huge expensive as seen in the pics.

(Source of pics: The Rescue of a Big Trimaran >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News)

Yvan Bourgnon and Gilles Lamiréare are back in the harbour slow-motion after their crash with an unknown object. The damages look terrible. But the positive: What would have happened with a monohull ? The answer is clear… Tris can be excellently “life rafts”. Higher speed, needs higher safetyness. 🙂

+++ 6th November 2015 (2) +++

Thierry’s first video just comes in on board of Ciela Village approaching the doldrums…

(P.S.: The doldrums are called in French “Pot au Noir“)

+++ 6th November 2015 (1) +++

WTE has waited 11 days for that battle… 🙂 The “fight” is going now between the three Open’60 and if the one with new foils will be able to outperform the others… more it is the proof if the Multi 50 can overtake the fastest Open 60.

The Multi50 and the Open 60’s are sailing with slightly wind conditions. A bit more pressure for the monohulls, a better angle for the Multihull. It is going to be interesting to watch.

I suppose we will see the Multi50 and Imocas coming cross the finish line in ~6 days…

Wile Macif can make it with perfectly timing to come in on weekend for bigger spectator crowds… still 600 nm to go, so roughly 30 hours. Sodebo miscalculated its tactic to go more closely under coast now ~120 nm behind. Cant imagine Thomas can make it if not some technical troubles on board of Macif let them slow down.

+++ 4th November 2015 +++

30 knots on the log for Macif… cool. While Sodebo is slow pace behind only with 80% of Macif’s speed around 24 knots… thats really bad shape.

Good, that Thierry is again back in the race… and only 520 nm behind the class leader…. not too bad for his stop over on Cape Verdes (see picture). – Ciela Village pushes again with 15 knots and hunting behind the two other Multi50s (Arkama and Fenetrea Prismian) which hang around like a slow snail in the doldrums with 4-6 knots… *knock on wood that all will arrive safely, the mult50 then would have the lowest quote of break downs*

Leading IMOCA PRB still has 2,114 nm to go till finish line, just 160 nm front the leading Multi50: Fenetre Prysmian still has to go 2,274 nm. Would be great to see them coming closer to each other after leaving the Doldrums to see a nice finish. I suppose it will be in 6-7 days while Macif and Sodebo might end their race on Friday.

Pls visit WTE’s fully news ticker from beginning of the start on 10/26/15
in the Multihull division of Cruiser’s Forum here.

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