SuperFoiler Grand Prix goes onair with 6 teams in 2 weeks (2nd Febr 2018)

Interview with three famous sailing legionaries from Australia who build one of the most competitive new SF teams (published 27th November 2017 on official website)

  • Glenn Ashby (born 1977) is an Australian sailor from Strathfieldsaye (suburb of Bendigo, Victoria) and multiple multihull world champion. Glenn was skipper of the 2017 America’s Cup winners, Emirates Team New Zealand.
  • Iain Jensen (born 1988) is an Australian sailor who lives in Lake Macquarie. He is a member of the NSW Institute of Sport in Sydney. Iain is Gold medal winner at the 2012 Olympic Games (49er) and was wing trimmer for Artemis Racing (a Challenger in the 35th America’s Cup).
  • Nathan Outteridge (born 1986) is a resident of Lake Macquarie (same as Iain). With team mate Ben Austin Outteridge he became the 2008 World Champion in the 49er boat. He is winner of the gold medal at the London Olympics in the 49er class, along with Iain Jensen. At the Rio Olympics he won silver, again with Jensen in the 49er. Nathan was one of the helmsmen for Artemis Racing the Challenger of Record for the 2013 America’s Cup. He also skippered Artemis in the Louis Vuitton challenger series for the 2017 America’s Cup

Q: Looking at the SuperFoiler machine, how difficult do you think it will be to master?

Glenn Ashby: “The SuperFoiler looks to the future of our sport as one of the most innovative and exciting sail racing machines in the world today. Six of these boats hurtling around on a 2km course will make for some thrilling sailing and spectating.”

Screenshot-2018-1-20 Instagram post by SuperFoiler • Dec 29, 2017 at 7 41am UTC(1)

Iain Jensen: “It’s one of the most challenging and radical sailing machines on the water today and having sailed it I know it requires real focus, teamwork and continuity to keep it flying.”

Nathan Outteridge: “No doubt the SuperFoiler will challenge us and that is something we’re really looking forward to. I expect our America’s Cup, moth and 49er experience will help fast track the learning curve.”

Do you view the series as a vehicle to encourage more fans to the sport? 

Glenn: “I think there is a genuine analogy between the SuperFoiler Grand Prix and Twenty20 cricket. I hope to see lots of kids and adults connect with what this series has to offer.”

Iain: “The 18 Foot Skiff Grand Prix brought entertainment into the coverage and demonstrated the onboard intensity. The SuperFoiler takes this to a next level and we look forward to being part of the raw, un-filtered action!”

Nathan: My passion for sailing was substantially influenced by the television coverage of the 18 Foot Skiff Grand Prix I watched as a kid. We’d be thrilled to see the SuperFoiler Grand Prix have the same impact on young people today and thus, see the sport flourish.”


Q: What excites you most about the series, sailing with the world’s best or sailing against them?

Glenn: “Having sailed the high-performance AC foiling catamarans at the heart of ETNZ’s victory in the America’s Cup, I am very happy to put the trapeze harness back on again after three years and sail with, not against two of my very good mates!” To be able to sail with the country’s best, is an honour for me.”

Nathan: “Goobes [Iain Jensen] and I fought cat and dog with Glenn and ETNZ during the America’s Cup. There is great mutual respect between all 3 of us and no doubt it will be great fun to sail with Glenn, I am sure we will have some laughs and some thrills and spills. Hopefully more laughs than spills!”

Iain: “We’re keen to support a project that puts Australia back on the world map. Leading the way and pushing the limits.”

Q: What most enticed you to join the series?

Glenn: We recognise the Macartney’s and their supporters have been bold and innovative in creating this boat. They significantly influenced our careers through the 18 Foot Skiff Grand Prix when the general public could connect with high performance sailing. We really like what they have in mind now – and we’re pleased to support what can be achieved and be involved in the future of our sport.”

Iain: “The SuperFoiler represents everything we have come to learn over the past years, a lot of the lessons learnt in the AC50, moth and 49er will hopefully provide a good base of knowledge.”

Nathan: “I’m passionate about high performance sailing and foiling. The SuperFoiler is clearly at the cutting edge of technology and performance. To compete on the Grand prix is something I aspired to do from a young age. And the opportunity to sail with Glenn and Goobes is special.”

Q: What can spectators of the series expect?

Iain: “Racing the SuperFoiler is not for the feint-hearted!”

Nathan: “A high speed, high adrenalin racing experience: some of the world’s best foiling sailors going hell-for-leather on tight circuits, on very fast machines.”

Glenn: “Some intense, world-class on-water racing with entertaining action and spills I am sure.”

Bookmark these links for “live broadcasting” (streaming):

  • Channel 7 (Australian free-onair TV network) – Under Channel Seven’s broadcast agreement, six teams will race SuperFoilers across at least five iconic venues in 24 hours of programming.
  • SuperFoiler @ Facebook

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