July 2015

WTE-Logo-Scribble-2-black-whiteOver next months (probably 3-6) I will setup this blog completely in its basic structure (pages, categories, tags, link collection).

For now I can say, that this specific blog will document my own journey through the fascinating and interesting world of trimarans, with a historical background in sailing since the 70th (I started with Dinghi sailing on the Austrian lake Faak). Probably it will be much more than just sensational pics of “flying Tri-s” and “foiled Multihulls” which became trendy since 2004 (Rec.: All Moth World Championships since 2004 have been won by hydrofoil-equipped Moths, which can become foilborne in as little as six knots of breeze.)

Beside the emotional aspect I take a rational and more scientific approach to get a more deeper understanding about the benefits and functions of three hulls (main hull + 2 x amas).

Feel free to give feedback about what you expect from a Trimaran enthusiast or as a Trimaran enthusiast. 🙂 Tks in advance for sharing our global journey in the world of multihulls. 🙂

Warm Greetings/Skip JayR

P.S.: Safe journey + Happy Sailing !

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