With curiosity I see some interesting “eco-friendly” solutions around the globe. As Trimarans are boats which always lack of space and demand low weighted equipment (reduced to the minimum size as much as possible) the owners of fast trimarans and sailors on board these mashines get tremendous benefit from increasing digitalization (low cost processor technology, 3D Modelling), in different forms:

  • low weighted and flexible solar panels which can be adapted to the form of beams and wing masts
  • electric power from water turbines as Trimarans deliver high speed water current (flow of water)
  • solar main sails to generate at least 1.5 kWh most multihulls get the sailing power from bigger main sails (compared to mono-hulls)
  • wind generators
  • wind controlled auto pilots
  • small water tanks (low capacities) by using water makers (based on solar energy)
  • light weighted and low energy consuming navigation electronics
  • light displacement productions (using recyclable composite fibres)
  • toxic free anti-fouling painting (underwater ship protection)
  • etc. etc. etc. …

Is this an eco-friendly Trimaran following the princips of sustainability ? (Rec.: You see the “Race for Water” Trimaran (a former MOD70 Racing Tri).) – Lets try to get the answers.



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