Looking for my own Tri…

Hello, here is Skip JayR !

… tks for your interests and coming along on this page where I document my own search to find the adequate Trimaran for living + working.

In summer 2015 I have decided to go back onto the water… after more than 15 years land based living it is time to recharge the batteries. As I know living on the water from the professional skipper job I did in the 90th and a very simple land based life (without consumption) I dont see a big conflict with this step.

Feeling the wind on the skin, hearing the sound of splashing waves and flowing water along the boat hull always let me feel to be in balance. It’s time to listen to the inner voice…

… as I always loved Trimarans and sportive boats I picked up the challenge to find a Trimaran for living on it and working.

I am steadily scanning the trimaran sales market, have looked here and there around over last months and found some interesting boats, e.g. a Farrier Command 10 (foldable/trailable)… with a beautiful room concept for comfortable cruising (astern double berth with own toilet/sink), see floor plan below.

The owner of this 10 meter boat shown in following pics shortly demised unexpected and unluckily the widow isn’t willing to understand that the boat market is down. Her sales prize expectations are far away from reality.

This boat was built in Australia in 1995 (plywood-epoxy) for locally day cruising along East Asian coast – based on Farrier’s “old design” of the 80th and heavy weighted (4 tons displacement) – is worth roughly ~25-28,000 Euros maximum (so long there is no rotten marine plywood).

I did the cost planning for a complete refit adapted to the needs of long-distance offshore sailing… it would need at least another 43-49,000 Euros (48-55,000 US Dollars) to become a real crusing vessel with all safety systems (following SOLAS standard), inclusive a 10 % risk surcharge of round 4,500 Euros (4,980 US dollars).

So I keep looking and actually I found a 40 foot Cruising Trimaran which was built >20 years ago (design: 1991/1992)… I picked some first pictures together.

The 12 meter multihull and it’s sportive lines remember little bit the Formula 40 design but is differently built for high seas/off shore (while the Formula 40 trimarans mainly have been sailed inshore). The boat materials are strip-planked Cedar wood-epoxy with Divinicell foam for unsinkable outriggers (amas). The cross arms are built for higher stiffness in carbon fibre + Divinicell foam.The regular displacement is ~3.6 tons… still leight-weighted as Trimarans have to be.

The negotiations with the owner are still going as there is no hurry and hopefully I can find an arrangement to overtake this boat in autumn/winter 2015. Many details must and should be cleared (technically and financially) as it went through many hands/ownerships and refttings over time. Actually it needs new rudder + center daggerboard etc. etc. etc. … 🙂

A short video of this beauty here…

40 Foot Trimaran under sails...

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