To build a Trimaran is a big effort for the warft or self builder… its not just only one single hull, its three of them with two different shapes ( central hull + ama (floaters)). To connect these three hulls with beams to create a stable boat living safely in rough waters is the 2nd challenge.

The third challenge, and 1st of all upper named challenges is probably the biggest one for the designer/naval architect: To fulfill the formula which makes a Trimaran “sexy”… light, speedy, safe and roomy. Enough accomodation on board a cruising sailor expects to live on 24h x 7d during a round the world tour. Can fulfill a Trimaran this expecation ? Or shall a sailor better take a catamaran ?

Light = Speed = narrow room is the equation, all racing trimarans follow strictly. So the real challenge is to build Trimarans which give enough space for a family during all years sailing. Lets see if I can find them ! 🙂

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