An overpowered 46 foot cruising trimaran gets “reverse bows” for wave piercing…

This thematic came up for me not when seeing the stretched ORMA 60 (up to 73 ft.)… it came up when I fell over the Trimaran Pipeline3 … slipped back into the water after an intensively bow refit.

Originally it’s a 46 footer (LOI: 54 ft.) and a Kurt Hughes Design for a sportive Cruising Trimaran…

46triI love Kurt’s beautiful designs. Especially looking from front the main hull of this boat has wonderful curves flowing into the beams…

So I got interested in this boat which is heavily overpowered by a 72 Foot carbon mast with 44 foot beams, 6 berth and a total displacement of 11 tons. Length over all inclusive bow sprit is 54 Foot.
PIPE3-WAREHAM_150319_140742Pipeline3 was stretched… better known and sailed before it’s refit in 2014 as Trimaran “Faamu Sami”

46triportside… as you can see between following both pictures the relevant difference: The bow of the ama has been changed from a traditional profile into a “reverse bow” for better ‘wave piercing’ with earlier uplife in the front to avoid nose diving at higher speed.

The boat bilder company Lyman-Morse (LM) in Maine (USA) did this great job to give Pipeline3 in 2014 the wave piercing bows. Originally the boat was built in 2001 by Dick Vermeulen of Maine Cat in Bremen, ME.

Here the way how this job was done by LM…

Back to the water with new wave piercing bows…


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