Ambassador for modern sail racing: Francois G. set new world record for single-handed circumnavigation (non stop)


François Gabart arrived on 17th December at port of Brest, where he set off on 4 November, after sailing around the world solo.

Francois and his maxi trimaran MACIF (100-foot long, 69-foot wide) set a new mark in the history book of sail racing: non-stop circumnavigation single-handed in 42 d 16 hrs 40 min 35 sec.

It is six days faster than the last record, set by fellow Frenchman Thomas Coville last year (2016) on his trimaran Sodebo Ultim.

Remarkable: Gabart mad the 27,859-mile voyage to the the second fastest circumnavigation ever, behind Francis Joyon and his five-man crew aboard the giant trimaran IDEC Sport. In January 2017 Joyon and his crew set the new world record time for the Jules Verne Trophy:  40d 23h 30m and 30s.

Gabart was crossing the finish line just 1 day 17hrs 10min 5sec behind IDEC. – Congrats !

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