New RAVE 5 Windrider trimaran comes soon… following the old “Rave Hydrofoil Tri” (1998-2003)

The New Windrider…

On 31st May 2015 ended the deadline for “private investors” with a cheque of 29,500 US dollars to reserve a new 17 foot foiling RAVE 5 Windrider trimaran. The boat will be built in series from 2016 on… and the first six (6) boats shall start in autumn 2015 (more infos here).

The free standing twin rig for the new Windrider Trimaran isn’t something totally new. We know it from catamarans (source: The Free Wing Twins).

The old model was the Windrider Rave Hydrofoil Trimaran . It was built 1998-2003 as a futuristic concept…. with a speed of > 30 knots.

The America’s Cup 2013 has shown that this concept of a foiling multihull has it’s own (and great) future. The Rave V as new model will come into series in 2016… and targets at amateur sailors.

If you cant wait till the new RAVE 5 is out (as it was already pre-announced in 2014) there are plenty of Rave Hydrofoil Trimarans out there in different colours built 15 years ago at an average prize for sales of 5-6,000 US dollars.

main (2)Tks to designer Dr. Sam Bradfield (USA). it’s probably the cheapest and fastest hydrofoiling sailing boat on planet earth with the guarantee of endless fun, unsinkable safe at high speed.

length: 5.3 m 
beam: 3.7 m
width on trailer: 2.4 m
total weight: 145 kg
Mast: 6.7 m
main sail: 9 m2
jib: 4 m2
draft: 0.46 m

Fantastic speed… The old Windrider Rave Hydrofoil Trimaran in action

In rough seas the Windrider Rave Hydrofoil Tri is doing a good job…
kind of America’s cup feeling for small budget.



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